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Online Cultural Diversity Training For Your Workplace

This course, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, allows organizations to address the challenges of diversity and inclusion. This course goes beyond the obligation under the law and provides actionable examples of how your business can benefit from a diverse workforce.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Training

Cultivating diversity in the workplace can be challenging. When approached thoughtfully, diversity challenges are valuable opportunities for workplace growth and inclusion.

97% of EVERFI learners feel motivated to promote a positive workplace culture.

Forward thinking diversity and inclusion training teaches learners how to develop an environment of inclusion and respect that generates high morale, productivity, and positively impacts company brand.

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Identity in the Workplace

Identify how important concepts related to identity apply and how they shape and are shaped by our workplace. Discover reframing techniques that promote healthy and constructive workplace interactions.

Unconscious Bias

Understand and manage stereotypes, unconscious, and conscious bias. Learners discover how to uncover bias and open the door for inclusion.

LGBT & Transgender Inclusion

Discover how to appropriately manage gender transitions during employment and provide guidance on understanding, engaging with, and supporting those in the LGBT community.


Trusted by nearly 2,000 organizations nationwide.

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