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Workplace Harassment Prevention Training

We deliver courses that comply with federal & state harassment laws, and train supervisors and non-supervisors using real-world practical examples and cases.

Online Anti-Harassment Training for Organizations

The need for workplace harassment prevention training is greater now than ever before. Inappropriate and offensive behavior affects personal well-being, morale, productivity, brand reputation, and exposes individuals and organizations to liability.

EVERFI provides online harassment training that helps companies meet compliance mandates using immersive scenarios, interactivities, and videos. Hundreds of organizations across the United States trust EVERFI to deliver best in class workplace harassment training for employees & managers.

Harassment Laws

Content is available to satisfy the laws of CA, CT, DE, ME, NY, New York City, the US, and Canada

Managing Bias

Courses include topics such as identity and power, privilege and communication, stereotypes, tolerance, being an ally, and inclusivity

Diversity & Inclusion

Courses include topics such as explicit and implicit bias, discrimination and prejudice, and bystander interventions


EVERFI is trusted by 1,200+ organizations nationwide.

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