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Teach Data Science:
Prepare students for the jobs of the future

Free data science lessons for grades 9-12

Analyzing data is a key job skill for all students, regardless of their future occupation

The labor market is hungry for skilled data wranglers and pays them well, but few schools offer data science classes as part of their STEM education. EVERFI's data science curriculum for high schoolers is designed to empower students with knowledge about the fundamentals of data science, its currency in the job market, and its applicability to everyday life.

  • Data Science Basics
  • Collecting, Cleaning and Validating Data
  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data
  • Reporting and Acting on Data

EVERFI’s digital resources are here to help you teach real-world, STEM skills in any type of learning environment.

Course Snapshot

  • Target Students

    Grades 9-12

  • Curriculum

    Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, College & Career Prep

  • Time

    4 Lessons / 30-Minute Lessons, 2 Hours Total

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Asynchronous learning allows for lessons anytime, anywhere with built-in assessments and real-time grading.

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Gamified financial skills in a fail-safe environment. Teachers receive lesson plans, activities, & discussion guides, too.

Implementation Support

Our regional support team guides teachers every step of the way, through on-demand training and professional learning events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EVERFI has built a network of partners and sponsors who help fund our digital resources for K-12 teachers, schools, and districts. Through multi-year commitments, EVERFI gives educators the assurance that programming can be launched at scale and even written into the curriculum.

These lessons are aligned to National and State ELA Standards. EVERFI provides comprehensive curriculum guides and standards alignment guides to help you plan for implementation with your kindergarten or elementary students.

EVERFI helps teachers, schools, and districts bring real-world skills to students. Thanks to partners, we provide our digital platform, training, and support at no cost.

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