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K-2 Elementary Literacy Games & Activities for your Classroom

Independent Practice Made Easy for Early Literacy

Build a Strong Foundation for Literacy

Developing strong literacy skills at an early age helps students reach their full potential and generates long-term benefits like lower risk of grade retention, increased graduation rates, and improved earning power later in life. Acting as the commander of a rag-tag group of superheroes called the WORD Force, K-2 students develop a foundation in key reading skills by leveling-up through fun and impactful literacy games. You can request the course on your EVERFI dashboard.

Available in U.S. and Puerto Rico

Course Snapshot

  • Target Students

    Grades K-2

  • Curriculum

    Reading, ELA

  • Time

    10 Minutes/Game, 15 Games with 5 Levels Each

Dictionary Game

Trusted By 50,000+ Educators Across North America

WordForce has been FANTASTIC this year. Even my high-level students not only enjoyed it, but got a better understanding with larger words. I will be using WordForce next year as I LOVE the games and how it gives them practice they so desperately need.

Stephanie Macier
Teacher - Dallas, Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

EVERFI has built a network of partners and sponsors who help fund our digital resources for K-12 teachers, schools,  and districts. Through multi-year commitments, EVERFI gives educators the assurance that programming can be launched at scale and even written into curriculum.

WORD Force lessons are aligned to National and State ELA Standards. EVERFI provides comprehensive curriculum guides and standards alignment guides to help you plan for implementation with your kindergarten or elementary students.

EVERFI helps teachers, schools, and districts bring real-world skills to students. Thanks to partners, we provide our digital platform, training, and support at no cost.

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